Gin Tonic Cocktail recipe

Did you know? The reason we enjoy gin tonic today is a result of historic events, which span over centuries, countries and even continents.

The iconic gin tonic cocktail has already been around for centuries. Initially, gin was first developed as a form of medicine in Holland in the 17th century. Very soon after, more than 400 distilleries in Amsterdam alone produced this new “medicine”, before it became a hit in Great Britain.

The classic gin tonic, however, was first invented in India, where people used bitter quinine to ward off malaria. While this served its purpose, it was actually far too bitter to enjoy. Cinchona bark was made into a tonic by dissolving it in water and sweetening it with sugar. The British added gin and voila – the gin tonic was born.

What makes the gin tonic recipe still popular today? Its distinguished and refreshing taste! A mixture of zesty tonic water, alcohol, ice and citrus creates a fresh drink to stimulate your taste buds.

The best thing: You don’t even need to be a skilled barkeeper to create your own unique cocktail. How about adding a Swiss touch to your gin tonic? Our Morand Alata Swiss Gin is made from eight different plants, alcohol, Valais pear and glacier water. Make the most out of your gin tonic and instill an alpine touch.

Follow the steps below to make your own gin tonic at home.

Ingredients & equipment

Gin tonic is still one of the most famous cocktails on earth. You virtually won’t find any bar, which does not serve the bitter-tasty beverage. If you want to recreate this drink at home, then you can follow these easy steps below.


  • 3cl Alata Gin
  • Tonic
  • Cocoa beans
  • Dried pear slices
  • Ice cubes


  • Tumbler
  • Cocoa bean mill

Method for the Gin Tonic recipe

  • 1. Prepare the ingredients and get your tumbler ready. Don’t forget to have some ice cubes ready for your cocktail.

  • 2. Fill in your tumbler with a large amount of ice cubes and add 3cl of Morand Alata Swiss Gin.

  • 3. Add tonic. Depending on your taste, you can add more or less tonic to get the perfect gin to tonic ratio.

  • 4. That’s basically everything you need. Don’t forget to jazz up your drink with milled cocoa beans.

  • 5. Add dried pear slices to your drink to create a gin tonic masterpiece.

  • 6. Enjoy and repeat!

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Tips to make your cocktails better

As you can see from our gin tonic recipe – cocktails don’t have to be difficult to be tasty and refreshing. If you are new to cocktails, you might ask yourself how to get started. In the following section, we have put together some suggestions.

Start simple

You don’t need to start with fancy drinks if you just get started. Instead, keep it simple and start with drinks, which don’t need a lot of ingredients or equipment. How about you start with a willamine sour or a fruity mango mojito? As soon as you have created your first drinks, you can turn to more difficult ones.

Master the art of syrups

No matter what cocktail you are going to make, you can be sure that sooner or later you need to get acquainted with syrups to make the most out of your beverages. Syrups do not only spice up your drinks, but can be used for a wide range of dishes. Check out 5 of the best cocktail syrups.

Size matters

Do you know the reason why most cocktails are served in small glasses? The reason is not a stingy barkeeper. First of all, cocktails contain a lot of alcohol, which means a large glass might be too much for the light-hearted. Secondly, a large glass will heat up your drinks much faster compared to smaller ones. Therefore, start small and experiment with the right amounts.

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Just like syrups, spirits are the main ingredients that will distinguish your cocktails. To get started, compare our Morand Alata Swiss Gin to other sorts of gin to create different kinds of gin tonic. If you are eager to dive deeper into the world of spirits, take a look at our ultimate guide to spirits and feel free to experiment.