Williamine Sunrise Cocktail recipe

Cocktails are fun – there is no doubt about that. With the growing popularity of speakeasy-type cocktail bars around the world, more and more people are also mixing their own drinks at home. While you might not start with sophisticated drinks that have over 10 ingredients, there are many delicious and stylish cocktails for you to mix at home.

The Sunrise cocktail is a modern cocktail that originated in California in the 1970s. Using the sweetness and fruitiness of Morand Williamine, we have given this classic cocktail an upgrade and created the Williamine Sunrise.

Check out our video to see how to make these fruity cocktails with a few basic but quality ingredients. Simply follow the easy steps below to create your very own Williamine Sunrise at home for your family and friends.

Ingredients & equipment

The Sunrise cocktail is perfect for a warm summer afternoon. Here is the list of ingredients for our Williamine Sunrise cocktail. Following the recipe below, you don’t need to be a mixologist to craft a great and tasty cocktail.

Method for the Williamine Sunrise Cocktail

  • 1. Get or prepare the ice cubes in your freezer. To make your Sunrise cocktail taste extra fresh and crisp, chill your highball glasses in the fridge or freezer before making the cocktail.

  • 2. Fill a highball glass (or alternatively a tumbler glass) with ice cubes to the top.

  • 3. Add 2cl Morand Williamine and pour it over the ice cubes. Then take the fresh and chilled orange juice and fill up the glass (almost) to the top.

  • 4. Finally, add 1cl of sweet Morand grenadine syrup. Pour it slowly over the ice and you will see how the colour of your Williamine Sunrise changes. Alternatively, you can also use a spoon to gently stir the drink to blend the ingredients together.

  • 5. Last but not least, use a peeler to peel off a decorative orange slice. Do it slowly to curl the slide and then place it as garnish on top of the Sunrise cocktail.

  • 6. Enjoy and repeat!

Want more?

If you are a sweet lover of grenadine, you should take a look at these grenadine cocktails we have put together. Morand grenadine syrup is sweet and rich, making its deep red colour popular with cocktail connoisseurs around the world.

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Tips to make your cocktails better

As cocktails are getting as popular as ever, the sophistication of drinks is reaching new fascinating limits, with many passionate spirit lovers trying their mixing luck at home. Here are some easy tips to improve your cocktails.

Stock up your bar

Every good bartender will tell you that your cocktail is only as good as your worst ingredient. Build up your own stocked bar over time. But when doing so, make sure you buy quality products. Experiment with plant liquors, brandies, Gin and more. If you are looking for some inspiration to get your home bar started, you can check out our ultimate guide to spirits.

Keep it cool

While it’s tempting to just throw some ice into your drinks, you will soon realise that the ice and the temperature of your drink can have a big influence on the taste. Try to keep the ice in a separate freezer compartment, away from food. If you have a drink with ice, you should also chill your glass. This will slow down the dilution and keep the drink chilled for longer.


Cocktails are often served with fresh fruit - either squeezed into the drink or as garnish. If you keep cut fruit in the fridge, they will dry out and have less juice. To get the best out of your fruit and cocktail, it’s best to cut fruit when you need it. You can also experiment with fruit syrups and pure fruit syrups to add an extra punch of flavour.

Measure your ingredients

It’s tempting to just pour spirits into your cocktails, but the measurements are there for a reason. New home bartenders often don’t measure properly. If you want to improve your own creations, you need to know how much of what went into your cocktail. For example, as syrups can be very strong in taste, a few measures can completely change the flavour of your drink. To learn more about syrups, read our ultimate guide to syrups.

Learn more about cocktails


The world of spirits is fascinating and rich, filled with history and sophisticated taste profiles. Don’t be intimidated, but enjoy the ride. Whether it’s brandy, gin or rum (take a look at our Banqero rum), there are many types and flavours to be explored and discovered. You can enjoy them in cocktails or on its own. Our ultimate guide to spirits has more information for you.


Often used in cocktail making, syrups are generally thick, sweet and flavourful. The most popular syrups are sugar syrup, grenadine syrup or raspberry syrup. However, as they are often made with different fruits, there are many more flavours. Besides their use in cocktails, syrups are also used in other non-alcoholic drinks and cooking. Learn more about syrups in our ultimate guide to syrups.