Les produits

  1. The box used is a "generic" and historical box of the Morand house, in which several of our products are presented as mignonettes, pocket bottles, and now the liqueur chocolates. 

    The label on the back is authentic for legal reasons and our boxes are presented open at the Distillery but also on our online shop so that you can see exactly what is in them. 

  1. The Williamine and, Apricot  mousse have a 24 month shelf life which corresponds to an optimal use-by date for the opening.

    Once the bottle is opened this period is reduced and the main consequence is the decrease of the 'foam' effect. The alcoholic and lactose-free product is stable over time and is therefore perfectly suitable for consumption.

    We advise to consume the bottle within 6 months after opening to preserve its original qualities.

  1. It is indeed a choice to make on our side. Very well sealed labels or labels that are easy to remove. 

    We have tried in the past with other types of paper and/or other adhesives, especially on brandies. 

    Unfortunately, the experience was very negative with labels that tended to come off already in the shops. This generated multiple customer complaints with bottles being returned to us. 

    We have therefore focused on resistance to avoid this type of problem.

    If you know of any glass products with labels that are both resistant and easy to remove, we would be grateful if you could tell us the name of the product so that we can analyse it and, if necessary, start thinking about the future. 

  1. Some of our syrups contain essential oils and natural colorants. Occasionally, there may be a separation of ingredients that precipitate to the surface. This surface formation may result in deposits that can be seen on the bottle. There is no food risk for the consumer and the quality of the syrup is not altered.

    Shaking the bottle well before use will normally remove the deposit which will tend to return when the bottle is left unused for a period of time.

Historically and especially in the Arab countries, the grenadine syrup was a syrup based on ... pomegranate. 

Under our latitudes, the grenadine is however a syrup "of recipe" whose basic elements are the vanilla, the red fruits and the lemon.

The recipe of our grenadine is a historical signature of the Distillery and we are proud to have preserved it for the generations of families it has accompanied for over a century.

PS: It is also available in "white" for consumers who may be put off by coloring, even if it is natural.

  1. The liter is an economical format but it is sometimes perceived as heavy. We believe that this weight expresses the value of our syrups: a "solid", familiar and family product. This is why we have decided to maintain this size, also appreciated by professional customers, as our reference format.

    However, in order to open the range and make the syrup easier to discover or even to offer, we now propose 35cl discovery formats in an original and friendly bottle. This range now has 3 references: Apricot du Valais, Pear Williams and Apples. 

     In 2018, 5 organic syrups were also launched in a 50 cl format and now include 6 varieties 

  1. It turns out that the productions with cane sugar generated flocculations in the form of small very unsightly clouds. Therefore, the cane sugar had to be replaced by beet sugar which avoids these flocculations. 

  1. Abricotine AOP is an apricot brandy that strictly complies with a set of specifications that requires, among other things, a minimum of 90% Luizet apricots from the Valais, distillation and bottling in the Valais, etc. To obtain the AOP, an independent committee conducts a blind tasting to ensure the quality of the finished product. 

  1. Williamine is a registered trademark of the Morand Distillery since 1953. The name was even protected internationally in 1956 and La Williamine quickly became the reference in Europe for Williams pear brandies. The fallout was not long in coming and success was achieved in Switzerland and abroad. The Williamine provided a new outlet for Valaisan arboriculture: the surface area of Williams pear orchards increased and this variety quickly became one of the most important in Valais. Today, Williamine, a AOP Williams pear brandy, is still the flagship product of the Distillerie Morand.

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La Distillerie

  1. Of course, follow the guide and discover the history and the secrets of the authentic products of the Maison Morand!

    Public visits every Saturday and private visits on request.


    Public visits

    Practical information :

    Online registration required.

    Opening hours :

    - Every Saturday morning at 10:30 a.m., except on public holidays (Meet in front of the store at 10:25 a.m.)

    Prices :

    Adult: CHF 15.00

    Children (6-17 years old) : CHF 8.-

    NB: from CHF 50.- purchase on Morand and/or Grand-St-Bernard products, a bottle of syrup of your choice is offered.

    Registration: https://www.smeetz.com/product/en/visite-guidee-distillerie-morand


    Private Tours

    Please send your requests for private visits to visites@morand.ch 

  1. The Distillerie Morand acquired this family business active in the organic herbs sector in 2015. The teams have been integrated on the Distillery site and two integrated workshops have been set up in collaboration with the FOVAHM. 16 people with disabilities work daily on various tasks, including the packaging of the famous Grand-St. Bernard spices.