Morand has been known for many years for its high quality spirits.


Our choice of spirits is vast and consists of several products that will delight lovers of fruits, liqueurs or plants. All our spirits are entirely made at the Distillery.


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Morand has been known for many years for its high quality spirits.


Our choice of spirits is vast and consists of several products that will delight lovers of fruits, liqueurs or plants. All our spirits are entirely made at the Distillery.


Starting with the most famous brandies: WilliamineApricotine or Raspberry. Then we have the "Douce De", a real winner with everyone. And of course the liqueurs, classic and appreciated for their intense taste. The Williamine, Raspberry, Griottine and Blackcurrant liqueur, best friends of the delicious kirs.

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  • Brandy

    Our brandy is made from the best fruits of the region and from Switzerland - we use only highest quality fruits in the distillation of our spirits.

    Our brandies come in many delicious flavours, and at Distillerie Morand, we strive to adapt our products to the demands of our customers and create new products every year. Our recently launched Williamine Bio is a perfect example, and this brandy offers intense flavours.

    Our brandy has long been appreciated at the end of a meal, as a digestif, but above all, as a moment of sharing with family and friends.

    Our range of brandines includes several Valaisan fruits, such as the famous Williams Pear (which creates Williamine), the Luizet apricot (the main ingredient of the AOP apricot "Abricotine") and the Quince.        
    Morand brandy has been around for more than a century.

    Our exceptional brandy allows you to taste the intensity of the fruit. The distillation has been around for more than 130 years with the greatest care, and only the best fruits at chosen, which is done by hand.

    Our Williamine brandy has travelled around the world and fans of Abricotine have waited patiently for its return after the climatic difficulties that hamper the cultivation of this unique apricot that is the Luizet.

    We also offer you the "COEUR" range, the superior brandy, for seasoned connoisseurs, made with more than double the amount of fruit and made using only the heating core of the distillation process.


    Ice your glass, choose your brandy, close your eyes and enjoy these unique flavours!

    Traditional: after a good meal, a raclette or a fondue or even for the "middle course", take a brandy as a digestif. Or for the gourmet cooks, add a dash of your favourite brandy to your sorbet or ice cream.

    Modern: take your favourite brandy and turn it into an excellent cocktail. Take Williamine for example, add ice cubes, a quality tonic and a lemon zest, and you will obtain a delicious and refreshing tonic Williamine that will amaze your guests.

  • Douce De

    Our "Douce de" liqueur is made from the best fruits of the Valais - only exceptional fruits are used in the distillation of our liqueurs.


    These "Douce de" liqueurs made from AOP Valais Williams Pear brandy, Valais apricots or Valais quinces are an excellent compromise between brandy and liqueur. Light, at 30°, these high quality liqueurs, with a typical hint of fruit and a rich, complex, well-balanced taste, "Douce de" liqueurs have won over many generations.


    Our Valais fruits are picked at the best time, with some left to ripen in boxes, whilst others are directly sorted by hand, pitted and fermented. After this first natural transformation the result is distilled and distilled to recover the best aromas.


    The "Douce de" liqueurs are a great success with many customers at Morand, created to satisfy those of you who found the brandy too strong or dry. The perfect solution!

    These three Valaisan flavours are often found on Valaisan tables, at family meals, weddings and aperitifs with friends - at any time of sharing. The "Douce de" have not only convinced customers from the region, but more and more of our foreign visitors are also opting for these sweetened brandies.


    The "Douce de" liqueurs can be enjoyed at any time of the day, fresh or even chilled, depending on taste.

    They also go very well as a long drink, with tonic (for the Douce De Williamine), apricot nectar (for the Douce De Abricot) or pineapple juice (for the Douce De Coing) for example - or in more elaborate cocktails that you wish to make.

    They perfectly accompany coffee as well as desserts, ice cream or chocolate.

    In contrast to the other "Douce de", the Douce de Coing goes even better with savoury dishes, such as flavourful hard cheeses.


    To delight the taste buds of fine brandy connoisseurs, we have created our "COEUR" range. Morand fine brandy.


    The "COEUR" are the Rolls Royce of brandies. For these fine brandies, we include double the amount of fruit in a 50 cl bottle. It is obtained from the "coeur de chauffe", part of the distillation where the best fruit aromas are released from the still. Their intensity and length delight all those who taste it.


    The "COEUR" range includes three typical Valaisan fruits: the Williams pear from the Valais AOP, the Luizet apricot from the Valais AOP and the quince from our orchards.


    The "COEUR" fine brandies are, in terms of quality, the superior brandies of our range.

    The "COEUR" are exceptional fine brandies to be shared or enjoyed at home. The fresh fruit fragrances and aromas take over your mouth and your senses.

    The Williams COEUR pear is a fine brandy made from Williams pears from the Valais AOP obtained from the heating heart; this exceptional brandy can be enjoyed independently of the traditional digestif ritual. The best way to enjoy it is to keep it at room temperature and ice your glass before serving it. Exceptional!

    The Luizet COEUR apricot is obtained in the same way from Luizet du Valais AOP apricots. Enjoy your Apricot COEUR as a digestif.

    The Quince COEUR is undoubtedly the one that offers some of the most intense flavour. After a few seconds, all its flavours come back to you.

  • Liquor of fruits

    The list of Morand liqueurs is very long, with a large choice of liqueurs to delight the taste buds of all our customers whatever their tastes.


    You will find liqueurs made from plants or herbs from our Alps, well marked by the scents that plunge into the Mountain. You will also find typical Valaisan and Swiss fruit liqueurs, a sweetness always well appreciated by connoisseurs.


    We also have "Douce De", Mousses and Swiss Mix. New products that allow you to discover new ways of tasting your liqueurs.


    Don't hesitate to consult the details of each liqueur for excellent advice on how to use it.


    Liqueurs are among the oldest products of Distillerie Morand, founded in 1889. All of these recipes and the family know-how have been passed down from generation to generation.     


    We are so proud of our liqueurs, that the hardest thing for us to do is to choose our favourite flavour!

    Let's start at the beginning, the oldest liqueur of the house, a recipe passed on to the Morand family by the canons of Grand-St-Bernard: La Liqueur du Grand-St-Bernard (yellow 41° or green 45°)! It is a Swiss liqueur made with plants and honey from the Alps.

    Other herbal liqueurs have been added to the range over generations. These liqueurs are ideal as a digestif or aperitif with fresh water. This is the case with Mint, CervinAbsinthe or Hierba liqueurs.

    More recently we have introduced the Swiss Mix. These are liqueurs based on Williamine, flavoured either with Pink Grapefruit or Mojito. These liqueurs are drunk with lots of ice and sparkling water. A kind of spritz, a very fresh and summery aperitif that can be made in just a few seconds. No more long lists of cocktail ingredients - your friends can drop by unexpectedly and the aperitif will always be ready at hand. If they stay for coffee, you can also surprise them with the Mousse de Williamine or Mousse d'Abricot, a vegan emulsion, alcoholic at 20°, which can be added on top of your drink.

  • Liquor of Plants

    Our valleys and mountains are well known for their plants and herbs, some even rare and unique to the canton.


    Herbal liqueurs are, without a doubt, the first liqueurs of Morand and for more than a century have been very much appreciated by our customers. You will find liqueurs of ancestral recipes such as the Grand-St-Bernard liqueur, passed on by the canons to the Morand family, who have kept their secret ever since.


    A new, more modern range of herbal liqueurs also allows you to taste new flavours, such as Génépi, Cervin or Hierba.


    Discover the full range of herbal alcohols and liqueurs available at Morand.


    Herbal alcohols are well-known digestifs in the Alps. Often drunk after a typical meal of raclette or cheese at the top of the slopes.

    Some of these liqueurs have been around for more than a century. The Grand-St-Bernard liqueur is one of them. From an ancestral recipe, a mixture of about thirty plants, herbs and spices as well as a hint of honey allow you to feel the taste of the mountain in 45° or 42°. Known as "green" or "yellow". This liqueur remains the digestive with undisputed healing virtues.

    Other more recent or revisited liqueurs have captivated all generations, such as the Cervin, the Hierba or the Green Mint liqueur.

    The Cervin liqueur is a liqueur made from gentian and juniper, soft and mellow at 27°, while retaining the slight bitterness of juniper. It can be enjoyed either as an aperitif, added to fresh water and ice, or as a rather fresh digestif on ice. It is also used for certain cocktails.

    Hierba des Alpes is a very aromatic liqueur, with a subtle nose of mountain herbs and citrus zests, slightly aniseed, it is also appreciated as an aperitif, added to fresh water or as a very fresh digestif.

    The Absinthe B3X, winner of the gold medal at the Swiss Spirits Awards 2019, is the envy of other cantons! Its finesse, harmony and complexity on the palate convinced the judges. Ideal as an aperitif, with cool water.

    Green Mint is very popular with the latest generations who dilute it in fresh water.

  • Premix
  • Mousse Boosterdry
  • Glasses / Accessories

    For exceptional spirits, you also need a glass that is up to scratch, and ensure you choose the glass that will be the most suitable for what you're drinking.


    Morand offers you glassware stamped with the Morand logo, which allows you to taste your products as if you were at the Distillerie.


    Each spirit has the ideal glass for tasting, for the perfect release of all its flavours, from stemmed glasses, to cocktail glasses, absinthe glasses and shots!


    It is well known that with every drink, there is a glass! This is why you will find in our glassware several types of Morand glasses that will allow you to taste our products in the best possible way.

    You will find : Traditional tasting glasses: ideal for tasting brandies and liqueurs. Small glass with a wide stem at the base and narrower at the top, allowing you to smell and appreciate all the fragrances and flavours o the product. Always stamped with the lion, the symbol of Distillerie Morand.

    Elegant tasting glasses: these slightly longer and more slender stemmed glasses are slightly flared at the top, allowing a better opening of the fruit aromas when tasting exceptional brandies such as "COEUR". They were designed for this range.

    The Absinthe glasses: large stemmed glass that allows you to appreciate the flavours of our famous Absinthe B3X, with fresh water from the Alps.

    Graduated shots: these are thin graduated tubes in which you can taste your often diluted liqueurs such as the Menthe verte or the Cervin.

    Shots: known for their efficiency and robustness, rather than for their finesse!

    The Swiss Rock glasses: the ideal coffee glass to place your favourite "Douce De" at the bottom and pour your best coffee over it, covering it with a nice cloud of whipped cream. Delicious!

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Showing 1 - 54 of 54 items